New Photos and Video from Costa Rica

January 12, 2020

I’ve now taken an even dozen photography trips to Costa Rica in the last six years.

As you’ll see in the Gallery, I’m still discovering new places to find the patterns the ocean cuts in the sand. I shoot three-to-four hours each day, hitting the beach two hours before low tide searching for patterns already left in the sand. But most of my time is spent standing in the water waiting for them to appear.

I have only seconds to take the shot before the next wave appears and each wave brings a slightly different pattern.  It takes not only patience but also a growing understanding of how the volcanic sand and lava rocks affect the formation of each pattern. I’m already booked to return in March 2019 and excited to spend more time searching and shooting the ocean’s art.

Please scroll down to watch the new video of the ocean creating a pattern, and the photograph I took right before the next wave came over it.  As I learn more and perfect my routine, it becomes even more challenging but more fun for me and – I hope – for you, too.

The shot I took before the next wave hit.

The shot I took before the next wave hit.


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