See the Ocean in Costa Rica Working its Magic

March 2, 2018

I’ve just come back from shooting in Costa Rica. My second trip in the last 5 months.  Besides the fact that I absolutely love the Country, it is the place where I shot all the natural images you see in my Gallery.  I always walk on the black beach an hour before low tide and spend a couple of hours standing in the water waiting for the receding tide to pull the images out of the sand.  Sometimes I’m lucky to find an image away from the water that has already settled with no human, dog or horse tracks in it, although that doesn’t happen often.  When I’m shooting it’s usually between 90 and 100 degrees which makes it difficult to use my Canon D6 without it overheating from the heat and sun.  So, I use my iPhone which I can keep in a cool pack and which takes less of a beating between the heat and the salt.  I shoot each image in natural mode,  black and white and with a blue filter so I have a choice of color for each when printing.

Nancy Breakstone and a dog in Costa Rica

I’m always accompanied by my canine friend who I call “Mama”.  She’s always there to greet me on each visit and follows me everywhere.  At night she sleeps on the deck of my casita and is so cheery in the morning.  Her English is not very good but she has learned over the years to keep her distance when I’m shooting.  She waits patiently away from me until I’ve finished.  She’s figured it out.  Not bad for a local beach dog.

Some people have found it difficult to understand how I find these images so on my last trip I took a video of how the images form naturally.  I didn’t shoot this particular image but thought it was a good way for you to see how the ocean works its magic in the sand.  Enjoy.


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